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the body is designed for joy

after a week of indomitable grey

sinking and shrinking

in a mountain of woes

i subject myself to something

called the joy workout

determined to fake it till i make it

standing before my laptop

in underwear faded as my spirit

i lift my arms gingerly

rousing my blood from slumber

to warm my frozen core

propelled by new orleans bounce

i graduate into awkward bopping

that meets rhythm in its own time

rusted hips melting into fluidity

my orchid of a body swaying

like a hawaiian palm

until i find myself

shaking it off like tay tay

tossing fake confetti into the air

whirling ecstatically like a dervish

how could i have forgotten

the body is designed for joy

manifest by movement

that fate’s wheels keep turning

even behind the fog

that i am exactly on time

for the life that awaits me


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