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how i know you loved me

  1. you insisted on celebrating my birthday with me two weeks into dating

  2. you called right after that shooting to make sure i had someone to talk to

  3. you gifted me with endless flowers, cookies and books despite having little money to spare

  4. you found me irresistible even in my acne patches and retainer

  5. you referred to our “lovemaking” unironically

  6. you never let me swallow my words around you

  7. you read over 100 of my poems

  8. you reflected your unyielding optimism onto me when i needed it most

  9. you told me about your dad when even your husbands don’t know the full story

  10. when it was time, you went out of your way to deliver a five-star breakup

  11. you teared up as you told me i was too good for you

  12. you held me tight and let me cry on you for 12 hours

  13. you made me breakfast and picked up groceries when i was too broken to go outside

  14. you asked my stuffed animal to take care of me

  15. you told me with every one of your words and actions


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