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d for depression

it’s been one day

since i stopped crying

one whole day since

i stopped spilling my feelings

all over the damn place

tripping myself and

everyone around me

i spent last week trapped

in a saltwater room

hostage to a thousand

aches and people

eyes filling whenever

i melted into myself

every moment i was on display

i felt like saccharine brittle

so it was almost a relief

when i shattered spectacularly

like a chandelier

free now of obligation

i’ve been furiously

drinking wisdom

drawn as always

to what i lack

i am learning love

by reading about it

studying for it like a test

i’m afraid to fail

painfully aware

no amount of knowledge

will save me from grief

the natural inheritance of loss

yet also certain

i will not drown

in an endless swell

of anguish

i have given myself

the gift of perspective

and it is one

that will keep on giving


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