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black thumb

“you know dark days/you know hard times”

-“nice for what” by drake

and indeed i have

there have been days where i’ve been

so full of poison

everything i touched ended

up withering before my eyes

i have spent weeks clothed in grey

a fog that doesn’t lift even when

pierced by unyielding sunshine

and so i know better than to expect

words to penetrate what light cannot

but here i go anyway:

it’s okay to sequester yourself

for a bit

sometimes darkness needs time

to wax and wane


don’t swallow what is itching to escape

painful as it might be to cough up

pieces of ghosts

harbouring them will only drain you

of the energy you need

to exorcize the past

and finally

all in good time

it gets better

it gets better

it gets better

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