the cure

February 10, 2018

cry. do it because as my college roommate said, better out than in. cry until it feels like your body has no more water to give, but know that the tears will return, again and again, until they don’t. the worst is now over. invite your friends over for Lady M and allow them to reassure you (rightfully) that you are the above all, breathe.


when you’re ready to face the world again, do it in style. wear lipstick and perfume to go for matcha. listen to a lot of beyonce. go to yoga - it’s too bad they’ll never see how great your ass looks in those new leggings. treat yourself to a spa day so they can scrub off every bit of dust from your body. bathe in rose petals, AKA the knowledge of your fabulous being.


and when your heart tells you it is ready for something new, listen. take yourself on dates to museums, restaurants, anywhere you were “waiting for someone to go with.” realize that you are that someone - it will make you a better person. write poetry. learn to meditate. use the blocks of time that have suddenly opened up to apply for those jobs, study for that test. chase the dreams that chase you back and marvel at how the pieces fall into place. and after all of that crying. thank the universe that your eyes are finally clear enough to see that you have never been more free.

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