to have been thrown alone

down the blackest of holes

a thousand times on end

to have locked eyes with singular death

stretched to the point of breaking

and clawed my way out

more or less whole

every single time

that to me is the greatest miracle

let us not rush

through the salt to get to the sweet

and are we not all being swept along the same river, towards the one true destination?

you can be strength and vulnerability

thinker and feeler

dangerous curves and sharp edges

fire and water

all at once

flavours coaxed out over time taste infinitely sweeter than those compelled by scalding.

the fact that i have so often longed to be invisible in my own city. over the years, i’ve come to realize that my presence as a woman of colour will always be noticed - except of course, where it matters (as queen bey said, “f you pay me”). there is no cloak strong eno...

another recently excavated poem!

three months later, your circuitous mind

continues to confound. over a cloud

of applewood smoke you confessed

a love for puzzles, and i nearly burst

out laughing at the irony

of it all. you move so sinuously

like some sort of meditation

and i r...

much as i’ve historically embraced boundaries, even i have to admit we aren’t meant to live hermetically sealed lives. tempting as it may be to retreat into a fortress of solitude, our beings are porous. we were designed to cross-pollinate, share in each other’s joys a...

me? i’ve been hollowing myself out like a gourd, expelling all that i don’t need, sculpting my spirit so that i am as defined by the multitudes i contain as those i don’t.

and when i feel stagnant, need to be reminded of my power. i think of the way i can make earthquakes run through men with my mouth alone. imagine what i can do with the full force of my mind and body.

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