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The Gluten Free Poet

~ a haiku a day keeps the doctor away
About Me

About Valerie

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In a nutshell? I’m a consultant by day and poet/novelist by night. I’ve always loved writing, but it wasn’t until recently, when I was going through a number of storms, that I began to write with the intention of processing emotion.


As someone who struggles with anxiety, feelings have not traditionally been my forte, but words have always brought me comfort. And so I decided to harness their power by writing my way out of the labyrinth. Slowly, I started to regain a sense of clarity and intention.


There are still days - many days - when my head is clouded by an endless stream of thoughts. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to escape the noise entirely. But in the meantime, I invite you to join me in my pursuit of clear skies.

PS: I'm currently seeking representation for my debut romance novel, The Sweetest Deal! It’s about an aspiring food writer from Hong Kong who goes into investment banking so she can stay in NYC, only to be derailed by a friends-with-benefits deal with a handsome work nemesis…

Selected Publications

Selected Publications and Readings


The Insurgence - "talisman" and "woman of colour (manifest)"

Drunken Boat Magazine - "anything i love i devour"

Letters I'll Never Send Anthology - "the real deal"

The Avenue Journal - "the last mile"

Dreamer by Night Magazine - "liminal"

Superpresent Magazine - "acquired taste"

Odes to Undoing Anthology - "every monsoon exhausts itself eventually"

Dreamer by Night Magazine - "the body is designed for joy", "the playbook"

Petrichor Magazine - "infinite smallness..."

Dreamer by Night Magazine - "coming out", "father"

S'MAC "Poems for you!" - "all in due time", "breathe", "ripeness"


The Rational Creature - "permission"

Elizabeth Street Garden Poetry Reading - "how to untie a knot", "time is an ingredient", "why not"

Mantis Journal (Stanford University) - "Embers", "finally got around to reading camus", "Imposter" and "true patriot love"

Shades of Noir Third Culture Kids Journal (University of Arts London) - "monologue"

Speaking for Ourselves Anthology by Embracing Equity - "diplomatic" and "reclaiming the right to say no" 

League of Canadian Poets - "time is an ingredient"


Eastlit - “ode to the kam wah pineapple bun

Eastlit - “The Retournees” and “Understanding”; “the kids are not coming home


Vagabond Multilingual Journal - “Tribute à Barthes


Far Enough East - “Correlation is not Causation”

Denizen Magazine - “Intercontinental” and “Segregation

The Entroper - “Strangers on the MTR

Blackmail Press - "Imposter" and "Divided We Stand"


Timepiece Literary Journal -  “Adult” and “It’s Only the Middle of September

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